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Deployment tips, questions, blogs and other technical materials related to Adobe Reader 8. Whether I'm using a VBS or Batch or just the command line 'msiexec.exe /uninstall /myapp.msi /quiet' it will fail when run with System rights!

Deploy Adobe Reader 11.0.4 with ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. System Center ConfigMgr > Adobe > Deploy Adobe Reader 11.0.4 with ConfigMgr 2012 SP1.

Uninstall MSI with VBScript . Whether that other application is a previous version of the new application or just something that isn't compatible with the new application. Or maybe you just need to remove an application from a system without installing anything new. I put together this script to handle these situations and have used it many times. Note that this script will only handle MSI- based applications, however I will be providing some more scripts to assist with uninstalling non- msi based applications as well. All you need to get this working for you is the Product Code of the installed MSI that you want to uninstall.

Perspicacia, humor, sarcasmo, iron. Pasa, tenemos mucho que contarte. Here is another topic that comes up every now and then: How can I “talk” to Adobe Acrobat from e.g. I’ll try to give an introduction into that. Patch Management - Applications supported by Desktop Central to automate Patch Management on your network desktops.

The easiest way to find the Product Code is to look at the property table of the MSI you want to remove. You can use ORCA or Wise Package Studio for viewing the property table of an MSI. When you view the property table, you will see the Product.

Code property and it's value listed there. Once you have the Product Code you need then enter it into the vbscript up at the top where it says. Const Productcode = . You can then run this script in a DS or Software Delivery job to uninstall the intended application. License: AJSLBy clicking the download link below, you agree to the terms and conditions in the Altiris Juice Software License.

Vbscript Adobe Reader

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Attachments — Acrobat Application Security Guide. UI and registry config. New file extensions can be added to the list, existing ones removed, and the behavior changed for file types already in the list. Permissions settings are as follows: 0: User is warned that the file may be unsafe and is given two choices: open or permanently set the behavior to Prohibited. User is warned that the file may be unsafe and is given three choices: open or permanently set the behavior to Allowed or Prohibited.

Always open this file type. This file type does not open and a warning message appears. Windows. Note. This HKLM setting does not work for any version of Reader 1.

Protected Mode enabled. Modifying the registry settings in HKLM requires administrator rights. To edit the registry to modify the default behavior of file attachments in Windows: Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\< productname> \< version> \Feature. Lock. Down\c. Default. Launch. Attachment. Perms. Double click the t.

Built. In. Perm. List value. Edit or add an extension and value in the format of <. For example, zip: 1. Note. The ordering of the entries is irrelevant, but it is important that the list has no duplicate entries. Attachment permissions by file typeversion: 1. This file is normally located in Applications/< application> < versionnumber> < productname> /< application>.

For example, . zip: 1. Linux. To edit the registry to modify the default behavior of file attachments in Linux: Navigate to < installlocation> /Adobe/< applicationandversion/Reader/global. Prefs. Open Attachment. Perms in a text editor. Edit or add an extension and value in the format of <. For example, . zip: 1. Adding Custom Attachment Extensions.

To add custom extensions, add your own file extension entries to the very end of the list. The method is the same on both Windows and Macintosh. Use the following format for each custom extension. By default, this option is enabled so that common file types such as . To set attachment preferences: Choose Preferences > Trust Manager. Configure Allow opening of non- PDF file attachments with external applications: Checked: Default. The application uses its stored black list to determine whether Acrobat should let the attachment launch an application action, so the attachment can be opened.

Unchecked: Clicking or opening an attachment will never result in launching it’s associated viewing application. Use this option if a higher level of security is needed. Modifying permissions on- the- fly. In other words, the list in Attachment black list can be extended one at a time as each attached file is opened.

Administrators can modify the registry. To add a file to a black or white list, attach the new file type to a document and then try to open it: Acrobat: Choose Document > Attach a File and attach a file type not on the black or white list (e.

I am able to convert AI file format to JPEG. Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 Driver Vista. But got error in some of AI files which has Post Script as format PS,Some of AI files with format PS/PDF are converted with no error, but some particular AI files are not.

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