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Seagate Personal Cloud Review - Slash. Gear. Cloud storage is the current step we. We also look to cloud storage to keep our pictures and videos safe, too. With all the security mishaps of late, keeping your info locked away on someone else. If that sounds like you, Seagate has a solution. Their Personal Cloud offers similar cloud- based features as your existing provider, except it.

Does it perform as well as it? We find out. Hardware. The exterior of the Personal Cloud from Seagate is a handsome black slate that will look great in any home or office.

Seagate Personal Cloud

The 4TB Personal Cloud 2-Bay Home Media Storage NAS from Seagate allows users to create their very own cloud that is accessible outside of their home. See how Seagate Personal Cloud can empower the devices in your home, and on the go. Seagate Personal Cloud In Depth Review - New 2015 NAS Network Attached Storage. WD My Cloud, Seagate Personal Cloud. Not to be outdone by arch-rival storage company Western Digital, the Personal Cloud is Seagate's answer to the WD MyCloud, a NAS that makes it as simple as possible.

The Seagate Personal Cloud is a drive that, when connected to the Web, can be accessed from any connected device, like a smartphone or tablet. CES 2015: Seagate introduces new personal cloud storage with small-business potential. Want a plug-in and go private storage cloud for your small business? My Cloud; My Cloud Mirror; Compare All; My Cloud OS 3. Revolutionizing the Personal Cloud; Product List. Network Attached Storage.

Seagate Personal Cloud

A small branding effort. The total storage on the Personal Cloud as tested was 8. TB. It is a 2- bay system, though, which means two 4. TB bays that can be configured. The two bays are RAID 0 and 1, respectively. That offers you data security as well as an option to extend your hardware; you can either activate both drives for read/write, or choose to keep one as a mirror.

Use. Setting the Personal Cloud up is simple. I quite literally plugged it into my router, and my Mac. Book recognized it as a connected, shared drive in seconds.

From there, Personal Cloud acts as any other cloud storage might. You can upload files as you wish from desktop or mobile, and it even works with some smart TVs.

SEAGATE Personal Cloud 4TB External Hard Drive (NAS): USB and Ethernet interfaces; provides a personal Cloud; backup for mobile devices; supports wireless streaming. March 5th, 2015 by Adam Armstrong Seagate Personal Cloud Review (2-Bay) The Seagate Personal Cloud is a small home or office NAS that acts as a private. The exterior of the Personal Cloud from Seagate is a handsome black slate that will look great in any home or office. It’s classy, plain and simple.

If you want to stream it to a non- smart TV, you can cast your pics and video to a Roku or Chromecast. So long as you have your Personal Cloud hooked up to a router via ethernet (and your Internet connection stays active), you can access your files from anywhere in the world. I tried uploading/downloading/accessing files while out and about on both mobile and desktop, and never had a problem.

Uploads happen just as snappy as Google Drive, my cloud storage of choice. There. It worked just like you. Take pics and forget all about uploading.

Seagate says any and all file types are welcome, which is true. I uploaded several different files, ranging from movies and pictures to several different kinds of documents. The upload/download process was seamless and easy. Where Seagate failed was playback. Myob Retail Manager 12 Download read more. Movies via i. Tunes also don. If you plan on using this to send large files or folders, your emails might gobble bandwidth.

Software. If there. Filters for timestamps or albums are presented via thumbnails that use stock imagery.

Some small pieces of the i. OS app suggest Seagate hasn. Rather than hitting a central . If you were to leave for vacation, and wanted to upload pictures during your stay to a particular folder . It looks good, reads and writes fast, and otherwise does exactly what you. First, I already have 1.

TB storage via Drive (via free Chromebook storage offerings), and have yet to sniff 3% there. Just food for thought. The warranty here is two years, which is all Seagate will guarantee it (and your data) for. Personal Cloud is.

Depending on your cloud storage needs, a one- time fee for a drive that will probably last quite a few years might be better (and give you better peace of mind) than paying annually or monthly for cloud storage. Cloud storage is dropping in pricing all the time, but you.

With Personal Cloud, you own your space. Like owning a home, you also own any problems that arise from ownership. I can recommend Seagate.

Connect Seagate Personal Cloud to hundreds of apps. New file added. This Trigger fires every time you add a new file to your Seagate Personal Cloud.