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Dhahran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Dhahran, the city. For the Saudi Aramco residential compound, see Dhahran Aramco Camp. Dhahran (Arabic. It is a major administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. Together with the nearby cities of Ad Dammam and Al Khobar, Dhahran forms part of the Dammam Metropolitan Area, which is commonly known as greater Dammam and has an estimated population of 4,1. Large oil reserves were first identified in the Dhahran area in 1.

Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards Free Download

Standard Oil drilled the first commercially viable oil well. Standard Oil later established a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia called the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), now fully owned by the Saudi government and known as Saudi Aramco. Dhahran has been the home of Saudi Aramco's headquarters for 8. Employees and dependents of Aramco, known as Aramcons, have a tendency to use Dhahran to solely refer to the Aramco camp while using Khobar and/or Dammam to refer to the area outside the camp. The Saudi Aramco Residential Camp makes up much of the city of Dhahran today. Geography. It is about 1.

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Dammam. Both are older Saudi port cities on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Looking farther afield, Dhahran is northeast of Abqaiq, and southeast of Qatif and, further north, Ras Tanura, a major oil port. The island of Bahrain is also within easy driving distance to the east (about 2. King Fahd Causeway, from Khobar. Geology. This well is still in production 7. This later led to the selection of two barren nearby hills as the place for Aramco to construct its headquarters.

Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards Free Download

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Temperatures can rise to more than 4. The highest recorded temperature in Dhahran is 5. The Shamal winds usually blow across the city in the early months of the summer, bringing dust storms that can reduce visibility to a few metres.

These winds can last for up to six months. On July 8, 2. 00. In 1. 95. 0 Dhahran had a population of about 7,0. On February 2. 5, 1. Iraqi missile hit a U. S. Army barracks in the city, killing 2.

American reservists from Pennsylvania. Economy. Most of the oil is exported, since local Saudi needs require about 1.

There are also many non- Saudi Arab nationals living in Dhahran, such as Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Sudanese, and Syrians. Aisha Songs Free Download South Mp3 here. The 1. 99. 3 population of the city was 7.

Although built originally to house only expatriate oil company employees (mainly Americans) to provide a degree of Western comfort and separation from the restrictions of Saudi and Islamic laws, the community today has shifted somewhat in line with the reduction of western residents into a multi- ethnic mosaic of Saudis, other Arab nationalities (e. Egyptian and Jordanian), Asians, Europeans, South Americans, Africans and Australasians. While only employees of Saudi Aramco live on the camp, their nationalities reflect those of the company as a whole. There are also several neighborhoods, or suburbs just outside the main Saudi Aramco Camp, such as Doha Camp (. The province is governed by Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Just like the rest of the country, the law of Shari. Following the Saudi Arabian municipal elections in 2. Dhahran is guarded as it is a high visibility city. The Saudi Special Emergency Forces' Eastern Province headquarters are located in Dhahran near the Saudi Aramco residential camp. There are many security checkpoints throughout the city that have been almost permanently in place since the Riyadh Compound Bombings. The first American consulate was opened in Dhahran in 1.

However, car ownership in the Kingdom has soared which often leaves non- highway roads congested at peak times. Airport. Today, King Fahad International Airport (DMM), which replaced Dhahran International for commercial and cargo, serves the entire Metropolitan Area of Dhahran, Dammam, and Khobar, the distance to the airport terminal is about 4. Miles) from Dhahran.

Saudi Aramco Aviation operates its own terminal near King Fahd International Airport, where all Saudi Aramco flights originate. Railway. Large companies such as Saudi Aramco run their own bus transport operations, connecting residential and industrial camps of the company with Dhahran, Dammam and Khobar. Many smaller residential compounds also operate their own bus services which are typically used for transport to places of work or shopping trips by residents.

Communications and media. Both DSL and FTTH services are available. There are several popular radio stations, such as Radio Sawa, Studio One 9. FM, broadcast from Aramco, Bahrain Radio 9.

FM, and AFRTS. Satellite television is predominant in the market, with Orbit Showtime being the most popular, as well as the widespread Arabsat and Nilesat satellite channel operators. Education. Public schools (K- 1. Ministry of Education. Public schools also come under two sections: Saudi Aramco built and government built. The Saudi Aramco built schools are usually better in design and last longer due to them being built to higher standards, however they are not operated by the company.