Freecom External Hard Drive Stopped Working

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Hi all, I've been searching for a way to repair my external usb hdd, which recently stopped working. I'm not having much luck, and I stumbled accross your forum so.

Driver: Last Update: Availability: Downloads: Reported Installation Success Rate: Reported Reason for Installation failure: RADEON 9200 LE SEC Family ( Microsoft. When you need to get back to basics and start with a clean slate, you can re-format the Hard Drive and re-install the OS in one fell swoop. It's also the only way to. USB 3.0 is the third major version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard for interfacing computers and electronic devices. Among other improvements, USB 3.0 adds. Free repair help - problem ideal isar he24 combi boiler. Descargar Curso Aleman Pdf Y Audio.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NASMac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NASReports/Info last Updated: Feb 1. Drobo FS and 5. N)(Added FYI on NDAS driver Status on 3/2. This page is a catch- all for reader reports on Mac NAS (Network Attached Storage), some including notes.

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  2. Product Roundup My, how time flies. It has been a couple of years since El Reg did a group test of external USB3.0 hard drives and comparing prices for 1TB drives.
  3. After installing Windows 8.1, my USB drive disappears or file transfers stop unexpectedly

Wireless connected NAS after a reader request for Mac user feedback. After two years and two weeks of continuous service I encountered a serious problem, and this is an account of what happened. I regard it as mostly a good- news story, but others may not see it that way. I also add some info about the newer 5. N version. The first clue that something might be wrong actually came in early December 2. OK. On doing some internet reading, I came to the conclusion that this was perhaps a feature not a bug, as one really should not use forward slashes in file names even with Mac systems. Some Mac applications will not save files with names including the forward slash character.

Still, everything seemed to be working as usual otherwise. I measured one transfer at a mere 4 MB/sec - lower than the usual slowest transfer speed. The last thing I was able to do was to delete a single file, and that took about ten minutes!

A look at the Drobo log showed errors, but no more frequently than when the errors started in early December! Then the Drobo seemed to drop off the network. Drobo Dashboard could no longer see it, nor could the Mac Finder. A network pinger could still see it, however. Then the Drobo entered into a continual re- start mode. I shut it down: it took a while to respond to the manual shut- down switch, but it did. I presumed that the unit had developed a failure of the network interface - and possibly other things - and might need repair, but that the data was probably still good.

Freecom External Hard Drive Stopped Working

This page is a catch-all for reader reports on Mac NAS (Network Attached Storage), some including notes on Wireless connected NAS after a reader request for Mac user. O N L I N E C A T A L O G U E. Samsung story station 1.5Tb external hard drive. 4 off assorted 1Tb external hard drives by Western Digital & Freecom.

The unit was still showing 5 green lights. The main potential loss was that the Drobo held one share with duplicates of media files for i. Tunes streaming. It was not that the data would be hard to replace, but rather that I had no record of what was there and how it was organized. It did show up in Drobo Dashboard, but immediately went into .

At one stage it told me it needed more space in order to complete the job, advising me to replace one of the smaller disks with a larger one. I replaced a 1 TB disk with a 2 TB disk and it seemed to be happy. After about 2. 4 hrs of churning away it again showed 5 green lights, but also announced a . In the Data Robotics Knowledge Base I learned that this generally indicates that the UNIX system software on the unit is corrupt.

If I updated the firmware and Dashboard software, I would have access to a . It might take 4. 8 hours, though, and might have to be done twice. After about 1. 6 hours it reported a disk failure, but seemed to be otherwise happy to continue. I phoned Data Robotics to find out if I should replace the failed disk at this stage. The removed disk really was . I tested about 1.

A minor issue was that what had been separate . Inside the folders representing each of the former shares, the files were all there. In Icon View, the icons seemed to be in all the right places even!

The first thing I did was to print out a copy of file directory of the . The second thing was to back up that share to a hard drive.

In creating this back- up there was an issue where one folder would not copy ! Strange, but I've seen that happen working just with multiple drives on a single Mac. This was no problem; I had placed older, lower- capacity disks in this unit for the experiment. No hardware repair required - apparently!

The unit is still working fine after over a week of continuous use. There are indeed other possible issues besides drive failures. I'm not sure that I would even trust two units as a complete back- up solution. One really needs at least an additional off- site back- up of some sort. Recovery from file corruption is possible, if time consuming. Disk arrays are probably harder on disks than using single disks.

Expect drive failures. Leave enough unused space on the unit so that even with a failed disk, the unit can recover. I also still find the Drobo Dashboard software to be somewhat flaky. For example, I frequently find that Dashboard on one computer cannot communicate with the Drobo, even though Dashboard on another computer can, and the Mac Finder seems to have no problem. The Drobo usually shows up in a Finder window sidebar just fine, even when Drobo Dashboard can't see it. I will continue to use Dashboard only when I need to. It includes a 6th slot for an m.

SATA SSD. It is advertised as being significantly faster than the FS. My brief experience is that it is faster - especially writes - and the speeds seem to be more consistently at the higher end of the range. The Helios Lan. Test shows the read speeds to be lower than for the FS with new firmware, but my experience is that they are essentially similar, except that I have not seen anything slower than about 1. MB/Sec (compared with 5 for the FS).